• Flexible Retiree Plans

    People are turning 65 currently at the rate of 12,000 per day in the United States and many are choosing to remain employed. If you are among this group, First Concord Benefits Group has a plan that may help you.

  • Flexible Spending Plans

    A Flexible Spending Account also known as FSA, allows you to deduct money from your paycheck on a pretax basis to use for eligible out of pocket expenses.    There are currently 3 types of FSA’s: Healthcare FSA, Dependent care FSA, and Limited Care FSA.

  • Health Reimbursement Accounts

    HRA’s or Health Reimbursement Arrangement Accounts, are funded entirely by your employer and they determine what expenses might be eligible and the amount of contribution they would like to make.   There are different types of HRA’s that your employer might choose from that may or may not apply to you.

  • Health Savings Accounts

    Health Savings Accounts were created to help you pay current health care expenses and allow you to save for future ones.   The money you set aside to go into the account as well as the earnings and withdrawals on it all tax free! HSA’s require being enrolled in a high deductible plan.

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